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Business Plans and Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Marketable strategies and Analysis - Essay Example Thusly, the operability, beginning venture figures, promoting degree, time to usage, presence of outer speculation, impacts that innovative change will have on the plans, just as an examination of likely shopper reaction will all be weighed as an element of the probability that each arrangement has towards execution and generally speaking achievement. In like manner, it is worth notice that neither one of these marketable strategies are proposed to be viewed for instance of either a decent or an awful field-tested strategy; rather, they are to be seen as vehicles towards getting positive and negative segments of each. Strategy 1: The primary field-tested strategy that this investigation will gauge identifies with Momentex LLC and their proposed line of Gulp N Go items. Momentex might want to focus on the undiscovered market of distributing administrations that are situated inside fee collection counters all through the United States . The arrangement shows various qualities. Right off the bat, paying little mind to what one thinks about the strategy, it is certain that the closeness of the item to the client is impeccably situated. The subsequent quality ties in close by this vicinity and bring out the quality of proposal while the client is as of now during the time spent creation a money related exchange †all of which further support him/her to make a spur of the moment purchase while at the fee collection counter. In conclusion, for this vicinity and these forces of proposal during a budgetary exchange, the firm has not very many expenses related with showcasing as the item is situated all day, every day and for all intents and purposes free stamping happens at the retail location consistently. As for the shortcomings showed in this arrangement, the first of these respects the legitimate effects of commercialization of the fee collection counters and what this may forecast as for state, neighborhood, cr oss-jurisdictional, and charge laws. As a result, an open decent (streets) will presently be transformed into a method of further creating financing for private organizations. This reality all by itself has a large group of both lawful and moral difficulties related with it. Furthermore, and maybe in particular, there is the issue of traffic stream. Fee collection counter territories are as of now high traffic regions that normally just exist in significant metropolitan urban communities. Thusly, having a huge number of individuals every single day stopping with regards to what specific bite or drink they might want to pick while others hold up in the line behind them is a formula for exacerbating effectively tense traffic issues. In conclusion, the issue of installment should be worked through. With a non-uniform arrangement of installment previously existing all things considered fee collection counters, how the client will pay for the products turns into an essential inquiry (Law ther, 2000). In the event that with money incomes will be recognizably lower as less and less individuals convey money. On the off chance that with the Visa will a similar charge card be utilized to pay the cost? On the off chance that with a compensation go for high-recurrence voyagers will the refreshments and food by charged from similar subsidizes that the client has stacked on the card or will they should be paid independently? This specific marketable strategy could be improved by estimating the roundabout impact that the offer of these merchandise will have on traffic examples and hang tight occasions for different clients. In the event that an intensive investigation is performed and it is found to antagonistically influence the drive in a quantifiable manner †it is genuinely evident that the field-tested strategy ought to be surrendered as the negative press and irritation it will cause will without a doubt render the arrangement worthless.

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Famous Quotes from Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman

Axioms from Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman Willy Loman, the main character in Death of a Salesman, consumed his entire time on earth seeking after what he thought was the American Dream. The play manages subjects of the real world and deception as a family battles to characterize their fantasies. It is one of Arthur Millers most renowned plays and broughtâ him worldwide recognition. In 1949, Miller won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for this dubious play.  Statements From Death of a Salesman Im the New England man. Im indispensable in New England. (Act 1)Hes loved, however hes not popular. (Act 1)The man who shows up in the business world, the man who makes individual intrigue, is the man who excels. Be preferred and you will never need. (Act 1)The man comprehended what he needed and went out and got it! Strolled into a wilderness and comes out, the age of 21, and hes rich! (Act 1)I dont state hes an extraordinary man. Willie Loman never raked in some serious cash. His name was never in the paper. Hes not the best character that at any point lived. However, hes an individual, and an awful thing is transpiring. So consideration must be paid. Hes not to be permitted to fall in his grave like an old canine. Consideration, consideration should at last be paid to such an individual. (Act 1)A little man can be similarly as depleted as an extraordinary man. (Act 1)Before its everything over were going to get a little spot out in the nation, and Ill raise a few vegetables, a few chickens... (Act 2)You cant eat the orange and discard the strip - a man isn't a bit of organic product. Act 2 After all the thruways, and the trains, and the arrangements, and the years, you end up worth more dead than alive. (Act 2)I acknowledged what a ludicrous falsehood my entire life has been. Act 2Ive got the chance to get a few seeds. Ive got the opportunity to get a few seeds, immediately. Nothings planted. I dont have a thing in the ground. (Act 2)Biff: Pop! Im very common, as are you!Willy: I am not extremely common! I am Willy Loman, and you are Biff Loman! Act 2Im going to show you and every other person that Willy Loman didn't bite the dust futile. He had a decent dream. Its the main dream you can have - to come out No. 1 man. He battled it around here, and this is the place Im going to win it for him. (Act 2)

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places at mit

places at mit MITs campus can be pretty daunting for someone first visiting. All the buildings are numbered, and at first glance, the ordering of the numbers seems unintuitive. Buildings 3 and 4 should be next to each other, right? Nope, theyre not. If you took a student-guided tour here, a common building route sequence would be 7, 5, 1, 3, 4, 2, 14. If youre not an MIT student, you might be very confused at this point. But if youve spent enough time here, youd know exactly what that route looks like. In addition, youd know that the tour probably crossed Killian Court between 3 and 4. This is one of the small things I love about MIT: its building conventions, along with the other numbered conventions like class/course numbers, are confusing at first, but makes talking with other MIT students and the MIT experience unique. Ive finally decided to get out my DSLR that has been sitting largely in its tote bag on my shelf because I wanted to share my favorite places at MIT with you. Whether it be fairly common study spaces and lush greens, or less-worn nooks and places you might not usually travel on a daily basis, I want to cover as much as I can. I want to do this for two reasons: One, I want to show you that, despite our building numbers seemingly not making sense or our campus aesthetics being pretty quirky, MIT can be beautiful. :) Two I told someone the other day that Im still discovering new things about MIT, even coming up on one year being here, and I appreicate and like that. MIT has become just a place to me over the past semester/several months: even though it is a great place to be, its lost its magic and wonder that Id once held when I first came here. I read my very first blog post  on MITAdmissions earlier today, and smiled when I read this paragraph: Building numbers weave in and out like needle and thread (7, 3, 10, 4, 8, 16, 26), and staircases everywhere make me feel like a first year at Hogwarts. Everything seems and sounds so shiny and new, to the point where I couldnt possibly see the magic of this place going away for me. This is the place Ive dreamed of for most of my life, and deep inside I find a rare form of happiness that Ive been waiting to feel for a very long time. MIT is no longer shiny nor magical nor new, but sometimes I take a walk either with my friends or on my own and stumble across new places. I like this feeling of still being able to find new places and be pleasantly surprised. So without further ado Id like to show you around! :) where im living this summer: sigep, 518 beacon st. i live on the second floor beacon street (lydia k.s beacon hill  blog post is one of my favorites) the harvard bridge: it has an unusual unit of measurement called the smoot kresge auditoriums roof is its own support some pictures of kresge oval a road leading to maseeh hall student center ive spent a lot of my time this summer in the 5th floor reading room of the student center an LSC board filled with flyers of past showings simmons hall i dont know what to call this place between the oval and baker house, but its wonderful a DUSP lounge on the second floor (building 9) building 36, 8th floor café stata from the outside stata from the inside statas fourth floor commons, outside statas fourth floor commons, inside building 46, the cognitive science building, is wonderful building 46 has a gorgeous reading pavillion with a view of stata and interior palm trees :) bonus picture of the blogger group chat: Post Tagged #LSC #photography #summer

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Multiculturalism And Diversity Of Multiculturalism

Introduction We live in a multiculturalism society that includes people from over the world with different traditions, ideas, and religions. The main purpose of multiculturalism is to understand the differences between other ethnicity groups. What I mean with this is that multiculturalism education needs to be teach in our school so students can understand diversity of a society. Dr. James A. Banks who is the founder of Multiculturalism Education Issues and Perspectives states that multiculturalism is trying to change the schools and other educational institutions so the students from all social-class, gender, racial, language, and cultural groups will have and equal opportunity to learn (Banks A. Banks McGee.,1993). We could say that we live in a system that battles to defend and to respect different cultures which should promote a close working atmosphere and relationship among students and schools so we can have a good environment. A key component in the U.S. core culture is the idea, express ed in the Declaration of the independence, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness Banks A. Banks McGee., 1993). Defining Multiculturalism Multiculturalism is clearly illustrated as a positive appreciation of human diversity in any form of education and teaching. It emphasizes in ideologies such as idea, concept, learning movement and process. The goalShow MoreRelatedThe Issues Of Multiculturalism And Diversity938 Words   |  4 Pagesbelieve this article is prominent when addressing the issues of multiculturalism and diversity in that it explores thoughts and experiences of white female teachers educating students of color. The article takes real-world diversity issues within school settings and offers self-reflection on the parts of educators and the readers themselves. The teachers in the article are White females educating African American children. This is diversity in itself. The researcher allows the teachers to openly expressRead MoreMulticulturalism And Diversity As An Agent Of Change1375 Words   |  6 Pages Multiculturalism and Diversity Abstract Cultural diversity is the ?homogenization of cultures? while multiculturalism leadership starts within and ? describes the existence, acceptance, or promotion of multiple cultural traditions within a single jurisdiction (wikipedia). Organization success depends on ability to embrace diversity and realize the benefits which will increase significantly in the coming years. Introduction According to EncyclopediaRead MoreMy Experience With Diversity And Multiculturalism1847 Words   |  8 PagesDescribe how your personal experiences with diversity and multiculturalism, which may include paid or volunteer work, have contributed to your interest and readiness for social work practice. My experiences with diversity and multiculturalism first started when I saw my grandfather having to translate for my great-grandmother. She only spoke Italian so whenever she tried to speak with me I had to ask my grandfather to translate. After my great-grandfather passed away my great-grandmother livedRead MoreThe Value of Multiculturalism and Diversity in Business Essay1111 Words   |  5 PagesThe Value of Diversity and Multiculturalism in Business Diversity and Multiculturalism are two topics that, themselves, are not new. To start off with a uniform basic understanding, what are diversity and multiculturalism? According to Merrium-Webster, Diversity is ‘the condition of having or being composed of differing elements, especially the inclusion of different types of people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization’. Whereas, Merrium-Webster defined multiculturalismRead MoreThe Concept Of Multiculturalism And Diversity As An Agent Of Change1287 Words   |  6 PagesName(s), First M. Last, Omit Titles and Degrees] [Institutional Affiliation(s)] Author Note [Include any grant/funding information and a complete correspondence address.] Introduction This paper lays the foundation for the concept of multiculturalism and diversity as an agent of change. To begin, this paper provides an overview of community building practices as stated by Kouzes Posner (2012). It identifies three different culture outside my country. Along the way, the paper uses contingency theoryRead MoreWhat Diversity and Multiculturalism Mean to Me Essay1364 Words   |  6 PagesWhat Diversity and Multiculturalism Mean to Me By David Meads What does Diversity and Multiculturalism mean to me? I believe that diversity has become so much more than just the basic qualities of race or gender. It now includes all qualities that make everyone unique, as individuals or as part of a larger group. It is also the acceptance, respect, and understanding of these unique qualities that makes diversity work in a given society. Multiculturalism is the system that is centered aroundRead MoreEssay on Strength Through Diversity and Multiculturalism487 Words   |  2 Pagesstraining under the weight of our population, promulgating laws that prevent birth control, simply so as to maintain the rigidity of a two thousand year old moral code. nbsp; The greatest teacher of them all, mother nature, has shown us that diversity rather than uniformity, is the best insurance against change. nbsp; If a biosphere or even a single species has enough variety amongst its members, then when their environment changes, there will be a much better chance of survivors. ThisRead MoreAn Anti Racist, Feminist, Social Justice And Diversity Of Multiculturalism2316 Words   |  10 Pagesdevelopment agencies are to raise awareness about racial oppressions, social justice and its relevance to society, and to encourage multiculturalism and to spread anti-racism around the world. As the time change, so does these movements and in the twenty-first century so do their methods to spread awareness on racial oppression, social justice and diversity of multiculturalism. Social movements bring awareness to racial oppression by either protesting or by creating videos of interviews or creating scenesRead MoreAnalysis Of Enzo Colombo s Article Reflections On Race, Diversity, And The Crossroads Of Multiculturalism 865 Words   |  4 Pagesethnic diversity than white Europeans are seen as the minority. This is a fact that is backed by many references across the world and even in articles we read today. In Enzo Colombo’s article â€Å"Multiculturalisms: An overview in western societies† he believes that minorities should be given the same opportunities as everyone else, he starts with the political figures then applies his theory to the society as a whole. However, in Douglas Hartmann’s article â€Å"Reflections on Race, Diversity, And theRead MoreCultural Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Inclusion In writing this essay I will provide my reader600 Words   |  3 Pages Cultural Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Inclusion In writing this essay I will provide my reader with various scenarios to give a good understanding of Cultural Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Inclusion as well as definitions and their effectiveness in the classroom. First, Cultural Diversity is ethnic, gender, racial, and socioeconomic variety in a situation, institution, or group; the coexistence of different ethnic, gender, racial, and socioeconomic groups within one social unit as in the

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Presidential Doctrines Essay - 1051 Words

Running head: PRESIDENTIAL DOCTRINES Presidential Doctrines: President Kennedy and the Communist Expansion Abstract The Kennedy Doctrine was essentially an expansion of the foreign policy of the previous administrations of Dwight D. Eisenhower and Harry S. Truman, The Eisenhower doctrine focused providing both military and economic assistance to nations resisting communism and increasing trade from the U.S. to Latin America and the Truman doctrine focused on containment of communism by providing assistance to countries resisting communism in Europe The Kennedy Doctrine was based on these same objectives but was more concerned with the spread of communism and Soviet influence in Latin America that brought Fidel Castro to power†¦show more content†¦One of his best successes in helping to defeat communism is his creation of the Peace Corp. Major Events during the Kennedy Presidency The most notable events during Kennedy’s presidency stemmed from his foreign policy initiatives in regard to Latin America and the spread of communism were: The Bay of Pigs Invasion on April 17, 1961;Kennedy had approved the invasion that was initiated by his predecessor Dwight D. Eisenhower the purpose was to break off diplomatic relations with Cuba as a result from the increasing conflict between the U.S and the leftist regime of Fidel Castro, the invasion was ultimately ended by Castro’s military, the failure of The United States caused great humiliation to the U.S and the Kennedy Administration. During this the Cuban missile Crisis was actually beginning, towards the end July of 1962 Castro announce that any attack by the U.S. on Cuba would result in a World War and that he had the backing of the Soviets, in October of that same year it was confirmed that there was evidence of soviet missiles in Cuba. Later that month Kennedy had decided to enact a quarantine of C uba, U.S military forces go to DEFCON 2 the highest ever in U.S history. Soviet leader Khrushchev proposed a trade with Kennedy in exchange for removing the soviet missiles in Cuba the US would remove missiles from Turkey however the removal of missiles from Turkey would be done secretly between Kennedy and Khrushchev this part was not part of theShow MoreRelatedIn the 1969 case of Red Lion Broadcasting Co. v. FCC, Red Lion Broadcasting challenged the fairness900 Words   |  4 PagesIn the 1969 case of Red Lion Broadcasting Co. v. FCC, Red Lion Broadcasting challenged the fairness doctrine that the Federal Communication Commission imposed on them in relation to a specific broadcast. Red Lion Broadcasting Co. aired that program on November 27, 1964, which included a personal attack on one author Fred J. Cook. Red Lion Broadcasting Co. refused to give Fred J. Cook his requested free time on air for rebuttal. As a result, the FCC supported Cook and ordered the radio station toRead Mo reEssay on Freedom of the Press1133 Words   |  5 PagesAct was pronounced unconstitutional in 1832. This was the beginning of the â€Å"Fourth Estate† which means the press watching over the government like a watchdog. As the 19th century progressed the biggest focus of the news was politics. â€Å"Slavery, presidential elections, the suffrage movement, temperance, free education and foreign policy were news and started social change with so many national issues. Soon after pictures were being formed in the newspaper and cartoons were being created to depict theRead MoreUsing Examples, Explain the Difference Between Obscene and Indecent Materials.1267 Words   |  6 Pagesbecause these terms are very offensive to men, women, or race. 2. Explain the difference between the Equal Opportunities Rule and the Fairness Doctrine. The Equal Opportunity Rule and the Fairness Doctrine were both established to promote and encourage broadcasting opportunities between people and candidates. Although this rule and doctrine are similar they are very different. The Equal Opportunity Rule states that any opportunity give to any public office candidate must be availableRead MoreProgressivism : A Great Number Of Urban Middle Class1722 Words   |  7 Pagesanti-progressive ideas, including American supremacy and imperialism, had an important role in shaping the Roosevelt Corollary as well. On December 3, 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt gave his First Annual Message to Congress that had a part about the Monroe Doctrine. In the speech, he said that â€Å"there must be no territorial aggrandizement by any non-American power at the expense of any American power on American soil.† Thus, â€Å"We do not guarantee any state against punishment if it misconducts itself, providedRead MoreThe Impact Of Black Friday On American Symbols, Values And Interests6556 Words   |  27 Pagesparticular, under what has become known as the Bush Doctrine. The doctrine pivots around four foreign policy principles: (1) preemption, (2) the spread of democracy, (3) new multilateralism, and (4) military primacy. The first two principles, namely preemptive strikes against potential enemies and the promotion of democratic regime change in the so-called rogue states, remain the basic tenets of the doctrine. The basic statement of the doctrine was pronounced by President G. W. Bush on Ju ne 1, 2002Read MoreMedia And Politics : A Brief Note On Media Politics2454 Words   |  10 Pagespublic debates of controversial issues, but this fairness doctrine limited the kinds of programs broadcasters could televise due to the pressure of legal constraints allowing any public figure to be given air time to debate. This Supreme Court case involved the fairness doctrine being challenged by Red Lion in the context of regulating personal attacks made in a debate. The Court ruled in favor of the FCC, arguing that their fairness doctrine enhanced free speech. This case is significant in that itRead MoreParliamentary System And Presidential System1554 Words   |  7 PagesSystem and Presidential System as compares to each other. After World War I the demand of democracy started to spread like fire across the world and of course in European Countries as well. Many Colonial Systems Monarch adopted Democracy and then arises the necessity of a proper Governmental System. It was in th e hands of the state of choose in between Parliamentary, Semi – Presidential and Presidential forms of Government. In this period, the Constitutional Monarchies adapted the Presidential SystemRead MorePower of the British Prime Minister Essay661 Words   |  3 Pagesthe government and its chief spokesman, it was the cabinet rather than the PM that dominated the decision making process. Almost 100 years later, when Richard Crossman edited the English Constitution he was able to state that the doctrine of cabinet government had itself been replaced by one of prime ministerial government.. Later in his diaries Crossman was able to develop his original theory that the PM dominated the decision making process. The PMs powers haveRead MorePhilippine Government and Constitution2566 Words   |  11 Pagesexercise power over the territory and the people. State is the territory in which the government can practice its authority. A state is like an organization and the government is like the management team. 7. Distinguish presidential from parliamentary government †¢ A presidential system, also called a congressional system, is a system of government where an executive branch exists and presides separately from the legislature, to which it is not accountable and which cannot in normal circumstancesRead MorePolitical Stability in New Democracies: Presidentialism or Parliamentarism?2445 Words   |  10 Pagesarticulating the national diverse interests. Yet, the competitive nature of the presidential elections in presidentialism favours majoritarian and fosters two-party system, given that the presidency is nondivisive (Lijphart, 1996; Stepan amp; Skach, 1993), as well as that huge amount of financial resources and manpower are focused on running for the presidential election. Linz (1990) contended that the winner-takes-all presidential election further polarizes the society, pushing public to the two edges

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Gump and Co. Chapter 7 Free Essays

Chapter 7 Well, it wadn’t long before the shit hit the fan. It seems that the bidness we had been doin with the Ayatolja was not exactly viewed in a good light by the folks on Capitol Hill, who thought that tradin arms for hostages was not such a hot idea, especially when the money we got was turned over to help the gorillas in Nicaragua. An what them congressmen had in mind was that the President, hissef, was behind the scheme, an they was out to prove it. We will write a custom essay sample on Gump and Co. Chapter 7 or any similar topic only for you Order Now Colonel North done so good testifyin before the Congress the first time that they invited him back again, an this time they had a bunch of slick Philadelphia lawyers tryin to trip him up. But the colonel, now, he is pretty slick hissef, an when he is usin his tact an diplomacy, he is pretty hard to trip up. â€Å"Colonel,† asts one of the lawyers, â€Å"what would you do if the President of the United States told you to commit a crime?† â€Å"Well, sir,† says the colonel, â€Å"I am a marine. And marines obey the orders of their commanders-in-chief. So even if the President told me to commit a crime, what I would do is, I would salute smartly an charge up the hill.† â€Å"Hill? What hill? Capitol Hill?† â€Å"No, you jackass – any hill! It’s a figure of speech. We are the marines! We charge up hills for a living.† â€Å"Oh, yeah, then how come they call you ‘jarheads’?† â€Å"I kill you, you sombitch – I rip your head off, an spit down your neck!† â€Å"Please, Colonel, don’t let us be vulgar. Violence will get you nowhere. Now, Colonel, what you are tellin me is that this was not the President’s idea?† â€Å"That’s what I am tellin you, you asshole.† â€Å"So whose idea was it then? Was it yours?† â€Å"Of course not, you jerk.† (The colonel’s tact an diplomacy is now gettin into full swing.) â€Å"Then whose was it?† â€Å"Well, it was a lot of people’s. It just sort of evolved.† â€Å"Evolved? But there must of been a ‘Prime Mover,’ Colonel. Things of this magnitude just do not simply ‘evolve.’ â€Å" â€Å"Well, sir, in fact there probably was a person who thought it through the most thoroughly.† â€Å"So this person, he would be the ‘Prime Mover’ of all these illegal schemes, is that correct?† â€Å"I suppose you could say that.† â€Å"And this person, was it Admiral Poindexter, the security adviser to the President of the United States?† â€Å"That pipe-smokin butthole? Of course not. He ain’t got the sense to pour piss out of a boot, let alone be a Prime Mover.† â€Å"Then, can you tell us, sir, who was it?† â€Å"Why, yessir, I can. It was Private Forrest Gump.† â€Å"Who?† â€Å"Gump, sir, PFC Forrest Gump, who has been a special assistant to the President for covert activities. It was all his idea.† At this, all the lawyers an senators got into a huddle an begun to whisper an wave they hands an nod they heads. So that’s how I got dragged into the mess. Next thing I knowed, two goons in trenchcoats come up to my crate in Lafayette Park in the middle of the night an start bangin on the top. When I crawled out to see what was goin on, one of em shoved a paper in my hand, say I got to appear in the mornin before the Special Senate Committee to Investigate the Iran-Contra Scandal. â€Å"An, I suggest you get that uniform pressed before you get there,† one of the goons says, â€Å"because your big ass is in a heap of trouble.† Well, I didn’t know what to do next. It was too late to wake up Colonel North, who I figgered would have it all thought out with his tact an diplomacy, so I wandered aroun the city for a while an finally wound up at the Lincoln Memorial. The lights was shinin down on the big ole feller, all done up in his marble statue an lookin kinda sad, an a mist was blowin in off the Potomac River, an it had begun to drizzle a little rain. I was feelin pretty sorry for mysef, when lo an behole, out of the mist I seen Jenny sort of walkin toward me! Right off the bat, she says, â€Å"Well, looks like you have done it again, Forrest.† â€Å"I reckon,† I says. â€Å"Didn’t you get in enough trouble the last time you went into the army?† â€Å"Yup.† â€Å"So what is it? You think you had to do this for little Forrest?† â€Å"Yup.† She brushed her hair back an tossed her head, just like she used to do, an I just stood there, twistin my hands. â€Å"Feelin kinda sorry for yourself, huh?† â€Å"Uh huh.† â€Å"Don’t want to go up there to the Congress and tell the truth, do you?† â€Å"Nope.† â€Å"Well, you better, cause this is a serious bidness, sellin arms for hostages – At least those bozos think so.† â€Å"So I’m tole.† â€Å"So what you gonna do?† â€Å"I dunno.† â€Å"My advice is, I’d come clean with the whole thing. And don’t be coverin up for anybody. Okay?† â€Å"Yeah, I guess,† I said, an then another big ole cloud of white mist come waftin in from the river, an Jenny, she just sort of vanished into it, an for a moment I wanted so bad to go runnin after her, maybe to catch her somehow, an bring her back – but even I am not so stupid as that. So I just turned aroun an started back for my crate. Anyhow, I am left on my own again. An as it turned out, it was the last time I did not take Jenny’s advice about tellin the truth. â€Å"Now, tell us, Private Gump, just when was it you first got the idea to swap arms for hostages?† I be settin at a big ole table facin all the senators an lawyers an other muckity-mucks in the congressional hearin room, an the TV cameras be rollin an lights shinin in my face. A little young-lookin, blond-haired lawyer guy be astin the questions. â€Å"Who says I did?† I ast. â€Å"I am asking the questions here, Private Gump. You just answer em.† â€Å"Well, I don’t know how I can answer that,† I says. â€Å"I mean, you don’t even ast me whether I did – You just ast me when†¦ ?† â€Å"That’s right, Private Gump, when was it, then?† I looked over at Colonel North, uniform all full of medals, an he be glarin at me an slowly noddin his head, like I am sposed to answer somethin. â€Å"Well, it was when I first met the President, I reckon.† â€Å"Yes, and did you not tell the President that you had conceived a scheme to swap arms for hostages?† â€Å"No, sir.† â€Å"What did you tell the President then?† â€Å"I tole him the last time I met a president, he wanted to watch To Tell the Truth, on the TV.† â€Å"Issat so! An what did the President say?† â€Å"He says he would rather watch Let’s Make a Deal.† â€Å"Private Gump! I remind you that you are under oath here!† â€Å"Well, actually, he was watchin Concentration, but he said it confuses him.† â€Å"Private Gump! You are evading my question – and you are under oath. Are you tryin to make the United States Senate look ridiculous? We can hold you in contempt!† â€Å"I reckon you already do,† I says. â€Å"Sombitch! You are covering up for all of them – the President, Colonel North, here, Poindexter, and I don’t know who-all else! We are gonna get to the bottom of this if it takes all year!† â€Å"Yessir.† â€Å"So, now, Gump, Colonel North has told us you conceived the whole nefarious plan to swap arms for hostages to the Ayatolja and then divert the money to the Contras in Central America. Isn’t that so?† â€Å"I don’t know nothin about any Contras – I thought the money was goin to some gorillas.† â€Å"Ah – an admission! So you did know about this horrible scheme!† â€Å"I understood the gorillas need the money, yessir. That’s what I was tole.† â€Å"Ha! I think you are lying, Private Gump. I suggest that it was you who devised the entire operation – and with the President’s complicity! Are you trying to play dumb?† â€Å"It ain’t exactly playin, sir.† â€Å"Mr. Chairman!† the lawyer says. â€Å"It is obvious that Private Gump, here, the ‘special assistant for covert operations to the President of the United States,’ is a fraud and a faker, and that he is deliberately tryin to make the United States Congress look like fools! He ought to be held in contempt!† The chairman, he sort of drawed hissef up an look down at me like I was a bug. â€Å"Yes, it does appear that way. Uh, Private Gump, do you understand the penalty for makin the United States Congress look like fools?† â€Å"No, sir.† â€Å"Well, we can thow your ass in jail – not to put too fine a point on it.† â€Å"Oh, yeah,† I says, tryin to imitate Colonel North’s tact an diplomacy strategy, â€Å"start thowin then.† So here I am again, thowed in jail. Headline in The Washington Post next day says: Moron Detained in Contempt of Congress Case An Alabama man, who sources close to the Post identified as a â€Å"certified idiot,† has been charged with contempt of Congress in the Iran-Contra scandal, which this paper has covered from top to bottom. Forrest Gump, of no fixed address, was sentenced to an indefinite prison term yesterday after he began ridiculing members of the Select Senate Committee appointed to investigate charges that key members of the Reagan administration conspired to swindle the Ayatolja Koumani of Iran out of cash in an arms-for-hostages scam. Gump, who apparently has been involved in numerous shady activities involving the U.S. Government, including its space program, was described by sources as â€Å"a member of the lunatic fringe of American intelligence operations. He’s one of those guys who comes an goes in the night,† the source said. A senator on the committee, who asked not to be identified, told the Post that Gump â€Å"will rot in that jail until he repents for trying to make fools of the U.S. Congress. Only the U.S. Congress itselves, and not some shitheaver from Alabama, is permitted to do that,† said the senator, to quote his own words. Anyhow, they give me some clothes with black an white prison stripes on em, an stick me in a cell I got to share with a forger, a child molester, a dynamite bomber, an some nut called Hinckley who is always talkin about the actress Jodie Foster. The forger is the nicest one of the bunch. Anyhow, after reviewin my employment qualifications, they set me to work makin license plates, an life settled down to a dull routine. It was about Christmastime – Christmas Eve, to be exact, an it was snowin – when a guard come up to the cell an say I got a visitor. I ast him who it was, but he just says, â€Å"Listen, Gump, you is lucky to have any kind of visitor, considerin the crime you have committed. People that go around makin a fool of the U.S. Congress are lucky they don’t get thowed in ‘the hole’ – so get your big ass out here.† I gone on down to the visitors room with him. Outside, a group of carolers from the Salvation Army is singin â€Å"Away in a Manger,† an I can hear a Santa Claus ringin his bell for donations. When I set down in front of the wire booth, I am absolutely floored to see settin across from me little Forrest. â€Å"Well, merry Christmas, I guess† is all he says. I don’t know what else to say, so I says, â€Å"Thanks.† We just set lookin at each other for a minute. Actually, little Forrest is mostly starin down at the counter, ashamed, I guess, to see his daddy in the pokey. â€Å"Well, how’d you come to get here?† I ast. â€Å"Grandma sent me. You was in all the papers and on TV, too. She said she thought it might cheer you up if I came.† â€Å"Yeah, well it does. I really appreciate it.† â€Å"It wadn’t my idea,† he said, a comment which I thought was unnecessary. â€Å"Look, I know I’ve screwed up, an right now I ain’t exactly somebody you can be proud of. But I been tryin.† â€Å"Tryin to do what?† â€Å"Tryin not to screw up.† He just kep starin at the counter, an after a minute or so, he says, â€Å"I went out to the zoo to see Wanda today.† â€Å"She okay?† â€Å"Took me two hours to find her. Seemed like she was cold. I tried to put my jacket in there for her, but some big ole zoo guard come up an start hollerin at me.† â€Å"He didn’t mess with you, did he?† â€Å"Nah, I tole him it was my pig, an he says somethin like, ‘Yeah, that’s what some other crackpot tole me, too,’ an then he just walked off.† â€Å"So how’s school?† â€Å"It’s okay, I guess. The other kids been givin me a hard time on account of you bein thowed in the slammer.† â€Å"Well, don’t let that bother you, now. It ain’t your fault.† â€Å"I don’t know about that†¦ If I’d just kept remindin you to check those valves and gauges at the pig farm, maybe none of this would have happened.† â€Å"You can’t look back,† I says. â€Å"Whatever is, is what is meant to be, I reckon.† That was about the only face I had left to put on it. â€Å"What you doin for Christmas?† â€Å"Oh, they probably got a big ole party for us here,† I lied, â€Å"probably have a Santa Claus an presents an a big turkey an everthin. You know how prisons are, they like to see the inmates enjoyin themsefs. What you gonna do?† â€Å"Catch the bus back home, I guess. I reckon I seen all the sights. After I got back from the zoo, I walked by the White House an up to Capitol Hill an then down to the Lincoln Memorial.† â€Å"Yeah, how was that?† â€Å"It was kinda funny, you know. It had started snowin, an was all misty, an†¦ an†¦Ã¢â‚¬  He begun shakin his head, an I could tell by his voice he was startin to choke up. â€Å"An what†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"I just miss my mama, that’s all†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"Your mama, was she†¦ You didn’t see her, did you?† â€Å"Not exactly.† â€Å"But sort of?† â€Å"Yeah, sort of. Just for a minute. But it was only a dream. I know that! I ain’t stupid enough to really believe it.† â€Å"She say anythin to you?† â€Å"Yeah, she says I gotta look out for you. That you all I got, besides Grandma, an that you need my help now.† â€Å"She said that?† â€Å"Look, it was just a dream, like I said. Dreams ain’t real.† â€Å"You never know,† I says. â€Å"When’s your bus?† â€Å"About an hour. I guess I better be goin.† â€Å"Well, you have a good trip home, okay. I’m sorry you had to see me like this, but maybe it won’t be too long afore I get out.† â€Å"Yeah, they gonna turn you loose?† â€Å"Could be. There is a feller comes here for charity work with the inmates. A preacher. He says he is tryin to ‘rehabilitate’ us. He says he thinks he can get me out in a few months on a ‘federal work-release program’ or somethin. Says he’s got a big ole religious theme park down in Carolina an needs fellers like me to help him run it.† â€Å"Yeah, what’s his name?† â€Å"The Reverend Jim Bakker.† So that’s how I come to go to work for the Reverend Jim Bakker. He had a place in Carolina he had named Holy Land, an it was the biggest theme park I had ever heard of. The reverend had a wife called Tammy Faye, looked like a Kewpie doll with eyelashes long as a dragonfly’s wings an a lot of rouge on her cheeks. They was also a younger woman hangin aroun, name of Jessica Hahn, that Reverend Bakker described as his â€Å"secretary.† â€Å"Look, Gump,† Reverend Bakker says, â€Å"if that ignoramus Walt Disney can do it, so can I. This is the grandest scheme of the grand. We will attract Bible thumpers from all over the goddamn world! Fifty thousand a day – maybe more! Every scene in the Bible – every parable – will have its place here! And at twenty dollars a head, we’ll make billions!† In this, the Reverend Bakker was correct. He had more than fifty rides an attractions, an was plannin for more. People got to walk through some woods where they was a guy dressed up like Moses, an when they got close he stepped on a button that set off a gas valve that shot a fire twenty feet in the air – â€Å"Moses and the Burnin Bush†! An as soon as the gas fire bust out, the visitors all jump back an begun hollerin an ooohin an ahhhin, like to scared them to death! There was a stream, too, where a little baby Moses was floatin aroun in a plastic boat wrapped in a towel – â€Å"Moses in the Bulrushes†! Then there was â€Å"The Red Sea Parting,† where Reverend Bakker has figgered out a way for a whole lake to be sucked up on both sides on command, an the people get to walk across on the bottom, just like the Israelites – an furthermore, when they got to the other side, the reverend has a bunch of goons from the prison-release program dressed up like Pharaoh’s Army start chasin after em, but when the goons tried to get across the sea, the pumps thowed all the water back in the lake an Pharaoh’s Army got drownded. He had it all. They was â€Å"Jacob in His Coat of Many Colors† an the entire â€Å"Story of Job,† which was about as much sufferin as I have ever seen a man go through on a daily basis. After the first bunch had walked through â€Å"The Red Sea Parting,† a second group got to come to the lake to watch Jesus turn loafs of bread into fishes. The reverend, he had figgered out a way to save money by lettin the fishes eat the bread till they got fat enough, an then he served them up to the visitors at the fish-fry pavilion for fifteen dollars a plate! They have got â€Å"Daniel in the Lion’s Den† an â€Å"Jonah in the Belly of the Whale,† too. On Mondays, when Holy Land is closed, the reverend rents out the lion an his tamer to a local bar for fifty bucks a night, where they bet people that nobody can beat the lion in a rasslin match. The whale is a big ole mechanical whale, an it was all workin pretty good till the reverend discovered that Jonah was hidin a bunch of whisky behin the whale’s tonsils. Ever time the whale gobbled him up he’d run back an slug down a drink. End of the day come, Jonah is pretty drunk, an the finale arrived when Jonah commenced to give the crowd the finger just before the whale’s jaws clamped shut. Reverend had to put a stop to that, account of some of the mamas complained that their kids was givin the finger back. But the most spectacular ride of all was â€Å"Jesus Ascending into Heaven,† which was run on somethin the reverend called a skyhook. In fact, it was like one a them bungee-jumpin things in reverse, where the guy in the Jesus suit gets hooked up an then snatched about fifty feet in the air into a cloud of machine-made mist – an to tell the truth, it did look kinda realistic. The visitors could pay ten dollars apiece to get to do this themsefs. â€Å"Gump,† the reverend says, â€Å"I have got a brand-new attraction that I want you to be a part of. It is called ‘The Battle of David and Goliath’!† It didn’t take a whole lot of smarts for me to figger out what part I was sposed to play. I thought the deal playin in â€Å"David and Goliath† was gonna be easy, but of course it wadn’t. First off, they dressed me up in a big ole leopardskin tunic, an give me a shield an a spear an pasted a big black beard on me. What I am sposed to do is growl an roar an generally act like a asshole. An just when I am lookin my fiercest, the David character, he comes out wearin a set of diapers an starts thowin rocks at me with a slingshot. David is played by that nut Hinckley, who has got hissef into the program by claimin he is really crazy an don’t belong in jail anymore. When he is not throwin rocks at me with the slingshot, he spends all his times writin letters to Jodie Foster, who he describes as a â€Å"pen pal.† Problem is, they is real rocks he is thowin an ever so often one of em hits me – an let me say this: It hurts! We be doin our act five or six times a day, an by closin time, I probly been hit two dozen times by rocks. Hinckley, he seems to enjoy it, but after about a week or two, I done complained to Reverend Bakker that this don’t seem fair, me havin all these bruises an lumps an gettin two of my teeth chipped out by this little bastid, when I don’t never get to do anythin back to him. But the reverend says it is okay, account of in the Bible story, that was the way it was, an you can’t change the Bible. Damn if I wouldn’t, if I could, but of course I didn’t say so, account of the reverend, he say if I don’t like it, I can go on back to jail. I am sure missin little Forrest, an Jenny, too, an somehow, I feel that I am seriously forsaken. Anyhow, the time come when I had had enough. It was a big day at Holy Land, an the theme park was filled with visitors. When the crowd gets to my attraction, I begun roarin an lookin fierce an threatenin David with my spear. He begun thowin his rocks with the slingshot, an damn if one of them don’t hit me on the hand an I dropped my shield. I bent over to pick it up, an the little bastid done thowed another rock that hit me in the ass. This is totally uncalled for! A man can put up with just so much. Well, I lurched over to David, who is just standin there with a stupid smirk on his face, an I grapped him by the seat of his diapers an spun him around a few times, an then let go. He sailed all the way over the trees an landed right in the middle of the lake where Jesus was doin his loafs an fishes thing. David’s arrival must of set somethin off wrong with the main switchboard, cause all of a sudden the pumps begun operatin an the Red Sea begun to part. Without no warnin, the gas jet at the Burnin Bush went off, an Moses, who was standin too close to it, was set on fire. About this time, the mechanical whale took off right out of the lake an came up on shore, chompin an bitin like mad. Now the crowd begun to riot; women was hollerin an children was cryin an men was runnin for they lives. All this got the lion over at Daniel’s Den upset, an he busted loose an started to run amok. At that point, I appeared on the scene, which sort of added to the confusion. The guy what was playin Jesus ascendin into heaven was standin there drinkin a soda pop, waitin for his act to start, when all of a sudden the bungee cord snatched him up an flung him into the sky. He wadn’t strapped in or nothin, so it just let him go, an he landed in the middle of the fish-fry pavilion, right i n a big pot of warm grease. Somebody had called the police, who showed up an immediately begun beatin people on the heads with nightsticks. Meantime, the lion had got loose in the bulrushes, where he surprised the Reverend Bakker an Jessica Hahn, who was havin some kind of relationship minus their clothes. They come tearin out right in the middle of things, with the lion in hot pursuit. When the police got an eyeful of this, first thing they do is arrest the reverend for â€Å"indecent exposure,† an cart him off to jail. Last thing he says before they tossed him in the paddy wagon is â€Å"Gump, you idiot, I’ll have your head for this!† How to cite Gump and Co. Chapter 7, Essay examples

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Romeo And Juliet (1059 words) Essay Example For Students

Romeo And Juliet (1059 words) Essay Romeo and JulietIt is not so much the central characters of the play, Romeo and Juliet themselves, as the minor characters that are responsible for their tragic end. I agree with this analysis to a high extent, but have also considered the other possible reasons why they died. The most commonly seen reason for Romeos and Juliets downfall would be the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues. However, the over-looked, minor characters play an important role in the downfall of Romeo and Juliet. They were constantly pushing them into secrecy and forcing them to construct a large and complex plan that results in Romeos and Juliets deaths. Tybalt is the trigger that sends Romeo and Juliet off on their downward path. He is always causing trouble and never once in appears in the play without being in the battles. One can find him constantly harassing Romeo and trying to start a fight. When Romeo finally does fight him to get revenge, he ends up killing him and thus gets exiled as the Prince promised earlier in the play. Romeo getting exiled means that when Friar Laurence and Juliet plans their devious scheme, Romeo is not able to hear about it straight away. In fact, he never hears about it, so assumes Juliet is truly dead. Paris seems to keep everything Romeo and Juliet does very hasty as he wishes to marry Juliet in two days. This means that Juliet drinks the potion that night, where she speaks her monologue in her bed. If Paris wasnt going to marry her in two days time, then she would have waited for a reply letter from Romeo. None of the confusion would have arisen. Paris doesnt love Juliet, not as Romeo does, but instead his love is only skin deep. He never really gets to know Juliet. If he did, then she may have liked Paris better than Romeo, which would completely cancel out everything else. The Prince contributes by exiling Romeo near the beginning of the play. Romeo thinks this very unfair (Tis torture and not mercy. Heaven is here, where Juliet lies.). This causes many problems. Romeo cannot hear about The Friars and Juliets plan, so he doesnt know that Juliet was still alive when he killed himself on top of her. The Prince doesnt really play much more of a part than this. The Friar doesnt play a very large part in Romeo and Juliets tragic end. He concocts the potion, but this in itself doesnt contribute to their tragic end but it is fate, in that the letter he wrote never reaches Romeo in Mantua and so he doesnt know of the Friars plan. The Friar is always giving council to Romeo and Juliet and is really only ever helping the two lovers. The only thing wrong he does is to marry Romeo and Juliet just a few days after they meet. This is not good because it is too hasty as he points out when he says, These violent delights have violent ends which comes true within the next two acts. Capulet is the worst offender. He never allows Juliet to marry Romeo, because Romeo is a Montague. Therefore, Romeo and Juliet cannot have a normal relationship and must keep their love for each other well. Capulet also changes his mind very quickly. Near the beginning of the play he answers to Pariss query that Juliet is still too young to woo Juliet and that he should wait two years. Later on in the play, which is only a couple of days later, he tells Paris that he shall wed Juliet in two days time. This causes all sorts of problems. It means that Juliet must seek help from the Friar that introduces many more things that could have gone wrong. .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90 , .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90 .postImageUrl , .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90 , .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90:hover , .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90:visited , .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90:active { border:0!important; } .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90:active , .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90 .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .udfc4d2fc8efefd95d630420c0eee0d90:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Was the atomic bomb nessary EssayThe Nurse also does not help. She tells Juliet to perform bigamy by marrying her to both Romeo and Paris. At the beginning of the act, she is on Romeos side and is paying out Paris. After that she rapidly changes and starts preferring Paris instead of Romeo. Romeos a disclout to him The Nurse quotes. She suggests Juliet should marry Paris. Even though, the Nurse never goes out to hurt Juliet. She is only misinformed. The Nurse occasionally teases Juliet, also. For instance, when she gets back from her meeting with Romeo, she rambles on and on about something else. Finally, at the very end of her speech, the Nurse finally tells Juliet what a ctually happened in their meeting. This isnt meant to deliberately hurt Juliet, but she is more just playing around. Mercutio contributes slightly to Romeo and Juliets untimely end. When Tybalt tries to agitate Romeo, but does not fight, Mercutio believes he is being a coward and so hastily jumps in to try and defends Romeos honor. When Mercutio gets himself killed, he not only does this, but also contributes to Romeos own death. He gives Romeo no choice but to kill Tybalt in revenge. Romeo and Juliet also contribute to their own death. Romeo is a lot more to blame than Juliet. He is the one who gets exiled. Romeo is extremely hasty and rarely thinks before he acts. Juliet, though, always acts with control and much thought throughout the play. We first see Romeos hastiness that starts them on their downward fall when he quickly turns from peacemaker to aggressor, throwing consideration to the wind and attacks Tybalt in a fit of rage. This ends up in his banishment from Verona. Still abrupt after his punishment, Romeo believes the first thing he hears and immediately rushes off to the apothecary to buy some poison. When he hears of Juliets death, while in Mantua, it is his hastiness that leads to his and Juliets death. He does not consider the best thing to do, but instead rushes to Verona, and risks death by being there, to kill himself on top of Juliet. Had Romeo taken more time in his actions, all would have been well. As anyone can clearly see, the deaths of Romeo and Juliet were not caused just by themselves. The minor characters had a big portion in the deaths. In conclusion, I feel situations should be handled by the main person themselves and people should think twice before letting other people become involved.